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Block Cohesion

Part 1 Project 2021
Eunhoo Lee
Korea National University of Arts | South Korea
There are serene spaces on the rear side of Mokpo’s old commercial street. Giving relations to these, which we call courtyard, stimulates the innermost story of the city. I imagine the re-condensing objects among the newly-defined courtyard.

The warehouse from the modern cotton industry process has now become the market. With the new facade, block attracts people around. They sell, buy, and appreciate the goods. And the end of the circulation leads to living. The project proposes residential community on the deepest, to replenish the long lacked amenities.

So we now eat, sleep, and talk. The boundary between the road and the block softens, and the inside and the outside constantly communicate with each other. The block with intimacy unceasingly flow through the private courtyard and the public courtyard. I witness architecture as a link regather the city. Old block elements, such as brick module of the building, layout of the residential sitting behind, narrowness of the alley leading to the street, and stories form the neighbors work as important evidence on each process. The city; built, torn down, and added on during its growth since the early 1900s; asks us strange yet enjoyable questions, and ‘Block Cohesion’ ultimately replies.

Eunhoo Lee


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