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The House in the White Clouds

Part 1 Project 2021
Conchita Escobar
Pontifical Bolivarian University | Colombia
The House in the White Clouds can be illustrated as a hideaway for the mortal who transcends the tangible, to a space that exudes feelings of wonder and tranquility. This project aims to mitigate the strong emotions that evoke the isolation of nature, people, and social dynamics in times of a pandemic. With that being said, the project conceptualizes the context, taking into account the current situation of the pandemic and representative architectural elements of the place: terraces and balconies. Consequently, the volume of the project is staggered and revolves around the corner of the territory, with the purpose of taking advantage of the wind, the sun and all the visuals that a corner has to offer; thus generating a system of private balconies and social terraces, in which two families coexist in harmony with nature, the city and themselves. In addition, The House in the White Clouds, through its light-colored materiality, works as a canvas for the vegetation that floods the place. Finally, this project can also be characterized by the sensation it gives of living outside, through its dynamic terraces, surplus of vegetation and magical plants, where all of these components come together to compose living facades that are ever changing and sustainable.
Conchita Escobar


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