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How to Live with Another

Part 2 Project 2021
Anthea Phua
National University of Singapore | Singapore
How to live with another is an experiment of architectural co-authorship and a proposition which addresses a current domestic dilemma and an architectural lack.

The thesis began at home from my research of unschooled drawings, explored with the help of my Grandmother and her live-in Indonesian helper Asri, which revealed other forms of knowing, representing and creating space. As they live with another, they become co-authors of the flat. Yet, even with their mutually respectful relationship, there are social boundaries set in place.

Here, the potential of architecture – its epistemological and professional capacity to address the production of space that can speak to social and class-based proximities - is tested. Represented from the occupants’ perspectives through portrait photography and ethnographic videography, three devices are conceptualised at the scales of body, furniture and the space of the standardised flat.

Line drawings show household materials – cotton string, bamboo laundry poles, used teabags, origami magazine paper – and methods – knotting, braiding, weaving, sewing – crossing over from domestic chores into the architecture studio. How to live with another is politically gendered in its concerns for architecture’s intersection with, and manifestation of, equity and voice.

Anthea Phua


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