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Bristol Water Heritage Museum

Part 1 Project 2022
Benjamin James Curry
Sheffield Hallam University | UK
My entry seeks to combine the function of museum and community space to expand the brief to attempt to tackle and fulfil potential opportunities for interconnectivity, preservation and providing local functional amenities. The proposal harnesses the skeleton of an existing structure to frame and support the primary exhibition space that makes good use of the views, and the structure to frame the exhibition spaces. Imprinting the footprint onto the new proposal.

The introduction of a bridge allowed a convenient flow of pedestrians to the north and the centre of Bristol from the south. Allowing the complex to act as a node, landmark and gateway to the inner city. The use of a public baths utilizing natural filtration methods in the form of tiered reed beds acts as a valuable local amenity. Expanding the remit of the building.

The plan connects the two exhibition spaces together linking, creating curated linear routes from both entrances.

Finally, my proposal attempts to use sustainable design methods and technologies to reduce the buildings carbon footprint. Light wells within the exhibition room allow diffuse light to penetrate deep into the mass. While vertical axis wind turbines make use of the strong coastal winds from the west.

Benjamin James Curry


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