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The Maritime Museum of Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Part 2 Project 2022
Alex Michael Cammack
University of Bath | UK
As the maritime industry vacates Cork city for the first time since the middle ages, through the radical reuse of an existing stone warehouse, the project seeks to celebrate and commemorate the city’s historic relationship with water; an architectural monument that honours the industry that shaped the city.

However, considering our past, present and future are inseparable, the programmatic concept of time looks to challenge the historical connotations associated with the ‘museum’; establishing the typology not just as a cultural and community asset, but also one that stimulates sustainable progress. As the maritime industry embarks on the long journey towards net-zero, the project seeks to become a catalyst for maritime innovation.

As well as the Maritime Research and Innovation Centre, the public museum is broken down into three key volumes, 01|Yesterday, 02|Today and 03|Tomorrow; each carefully crafted to provide a unique sensory and spatial experience. The spaces, albeit contradictory in character, look to work collectively as one holistic museum experience; a chronological voyage through Cork’s maritime past, present and future. Through juxtaposing exhibitions founded upon the industry of yesterday, today and tomorrow, the museum aspires to capture the hearts and minds of the next generation of engineers, innovators and navigators.

Alex Michael Cammack


Mr Alex Wright
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