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Co-Living + Co-Working / Glasgow

Part 2 Project 2022
Eleanor Taylor Kemp
Liverpool John Moores University Liverpool | UK
Co-living + co-working/Glasgow has explored the relationship between Covid-19 and mental health. Recent studies have shown the damaging effects that national lockdown has brought upon this. It is hoped that co-living + co-working will be the solution. Considering higher densities, the Hutong typology has been researched; a type of traditional architecture and street types found in northern Chinese cities. Hutongs create a maze of different lanes within the neighbourhood, generating a streetscape that is full of life. This is portrayed within the co-living + co-working scheme where movement at ground level is celebrated. Shop fronts open to workshops, communal living rooms and courtyards creating spaces for socialising. The scheme has been designed as a blank canvas in which local artists can call their home. It is intended that this will develop to house a multitude of local businesses, highlighting the scheme’s flexibility and typological hybridity. Structural technology has ensured that various internal arrangements could be possible within the affordable parameters set for the residents. A hybrid Glulam and CLT structure means that all the internal walls can be altered. This improvisation, authorship and ownership allows the resident to develop their own living/working spaces, allowing them to finish the design work.
Eleanor Taylor Kemp


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