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Piano Terra - Multicultural Building

Part 1 Project 2022
Hensul Nhaiara Bautista Castaño
Pilot University of Colombia Bogota | Colombia
The Bogota D.C environment is born and develops from the history and the urban memory shared from generation to generation, this has allowed the continuity of traditional neighbourhoods, a mixture of uses (housing, commerce, office, dotacional, industrial), and a growth modulated by the type of population.

The Piano Terra project proposes an architecture in function to the urban memory, the community, and the versatile variety in the same space, therefore, this project is designed as a flexible solid in harmony with the urban profile and the diverse interior zoning, achieving a joint vision promoting diversity in Bogota's architecture. A different, sensorial and flexible building that is maintained in time and memory.

Hensul Nhaiara Bautista Castaño


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