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Transcending Robotics

Part 2 Project 2022
Timothy Hayward-Browne
Nottingham Trent University | UK
Entering the Fifth Industrial Revolution, where humans and robots co-exist within the workplace, the Old Royal High School of Edinburgh will play host to a revolutionary Robotics Institute. The project “Transcending Robotics” focuses upon the design, manufacture and study of robotics with varied intended uses.

Through developing the site of a former educational institute and extending the built mass upon the site, a diverse architectural project is formed. By not only using traditional teaching spaces with dynamic variations but also programmable fabrication yard, fitted with large-scale gantry robotic arms and hydraulic workshop spaces that emerge out the fabrication yard floor, Transcending Robotics offers a different perspective over how a specialised educational facility can function for the needs of the students within the spaces.

Alongside the individual spaces and programmable fabrication yard, the backdrop of the Calton Hill site allows for a varied landscape to be developed. By creating different zones within the site, separate areas for teaching, manufacturing and testing can be utilised by the students to better understand the robotic elements that have been developed.

Timothy Hayward-Browne


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