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Tripoli Craft Digital Development Complex

Part 1 Project 2022
Angy Ahmad Hammoud
Beirut Arab University - Tripoli campus | Lebanon
The Kadisha river zone in Tripoli Lebanon has a central influence of the city, back to their cultural and heritage content and its role in the craft work from the old eras, Which constitutes a large field in terms of architecture around the region, and also formed the life of Tripoli community since ancient times, which began to disappear with the current development and the decline of modernization in this line of work, especially the pottery craft, that lead us to develop a new place in the city which can contributes to the preservation of this craft, by presenting it in a modern way that by combining pottery work with an old style in a modern spirit.

The project will develop this craft through a workshop that helps teaching young people the pottery in a digital way in order to discover human creativity in Tripoli, which will improve the city’s economic and social level, the project’s architecture itself is consolidating its concept by the using of open courts to achieve natural indoor ventilation, such as the ancient buildings in the city, in a modern and parametrical design, also will realize building environmental and social sustainability.

Angy Ahmad Hammoud


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