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The Powerplant, the Turbine and the Rhino

Part 2 Project 2022
Filippos Sitokonstantinou
Metropolitan College | Greece
This is an adaptive reuse project of the first power station in Greece, AHS Falirou, DEI Athens. The old power station will now function as an art gallery with an independent steel structure from the old stone monument, facilitating the new extension of the painting gallery, where the sunlight is controlled. Other functions accommodated are the sculpture exhibition, video art, experiential art and large-scale art installations. This new level that is created has a repetitive steel structure that creates cycloidal arches in the gallery space, inspired by the steam turbines that sit on the existing 1st level. The repetition of the structure that shapes the negative space in combination with the reflections of the floor and the curvy connecting gallery walls express the movement and the energy that existed there in the past, with intention of giving the feeling of walking through a steam turbine.

The contrast between the strict linear lines of the existing level 1 and the curvy and circular shapes of the 2nd level creates a clear distinction between the old and the new. The plan of the building follows the concept of a pathed journey; merging the new levels with the old as one moves around the building, sometimes by taking the visitor physically and sometimes by visual connections through cuts and holes between the two structures.

Filippos Sitokonstantinou


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