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The Goodship Ambrosia: A Celebration of Old English Rural Culture

Part 2 Project 2022
Evie Amelia Summerhayes
University of Greenwich | UK
The Goodship Ambrosia celebrates old English rural culture and traditions in relation to the idiosyncratic area of Devon. The project investigates the tension between the reliance on tourism for economic growth and the damaging effects on the distinctive culture and the natural pastoral landscapes. The Goodship Ambrosia transports Devon to the rest of the world in order to conserve the natural landscape of Devon from excessive tourism. The airship not only allows visitors to experience the idiosyncratic region of Devon but also delivers Devonshire produce around the world. Once docked the Goodship Ambrosia distributes fresh Ambrosia milk, cream, cheese, butter and cider.

The Goodship Ambrosia offers visitors to experience Devon through a five-day festival. A pilgrimage through a rural microcosm Devon, capturing the essence of Devon through its history and culture, landscape and ecology, mythologies, festivals and traditions and cuisines.

A taste of Devon – A little bit of heaven.

Evie Amelia Summerhayes

Mr Rahesh Ram

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