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The Metatronic Garden - An Architecture of Mathematical Light and Shadow

Part 1 Project 2022
Ana-Maria Cirlan
University of Greenwich | UK
The Metatronic Garden houses a guild of mathematicians whose goal is to explore and solve the unsolvable, the Millennium Prize Problems, a set of complex mathematical equations that remain an enigma to all. The architecture is driven by mathematical formulas that are applied to different light conditions in order to precisely control the electromagnetic spectrum: The Visible Light.

The nucleus of the project is Metatron’s Cube, a vestige of sacred geometry that is transfigured into a physical and psychological sanctuary. Here, light becomes an atmospheric blanket that drapes and defines the architecture, with tectonic pieces moving around the spaces like a theatre, turning shadows into architectural protagonists.

Located in the Knowledge Quarter of Liverpool, a site that desires to reinvent itself, to retrieve its rich history and knowledge of a community that has been lost. In this context, the mathematicians have meticulously transferred their geometrical theories into the architecture of the garden to restore the traces of past events, to make visible again the power of creation.

Ana-Maria Cirlan


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