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The City Room: Cork

Part 2 Project 2022
Adam Jones
University of Bath | UK
In the city of Cork, a sense of tension simmers in the background of everyday life. An unresolved and deep-rooted dispute lingers between the residents of the city and those in authority. The process of urban transformation and proposed interventions within the existing city fabric are often met with fierce resistance due to a severe lack of public engagement. This creates a divide in the community, slows the planning process and ultimately restricts the development of the city. On the cusp of major transformation, resolving this conflict is an essential requirement to ensure Cork can fulfil its potential.

The City Room represents a new architectural typology within Cork. It seeks to bridge the gap between traditionally opposing groups, and in doing so resolve the ongoing conflict associated with development proposals in the city. The project proposes a physical space within the heart of the city where people can come together to reflect on the past, understand the present and debate the future of the city. Ultimately, it aims to ensure that the next chapter in the narrative of Cork is written as an urban collective.

Adam Jones


Mr Alex Wright
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