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Traces of Urban Memory: Architectural-Urban Insertion of the Fábrica Andina Cultural Complex

Part 2 Project 2022
Luis Alejandro Gomez Bonilla
Pilot University of Colombia Bogota | Colombia
This project explains the architectural-urban insertion of a cultural complex, in the grounds of an Old Brewery (Fábrica de cervezas Andina), an industrial structure that is part of the current urban plan ""Triangle of Bavaria"" declared a Site of Cultural Interest in 2001 and that It is currently in evident deterioration, in the city of Bogotá.

The memory of this industrial architecture is used in a projective and creative way, in the midst of a heterogeneous and polycentric city that allows the inclusion of several architectural projects, with the vision of building a better city based on the strategic design of an inclusive public space. The proposal honors the existing industrial architecture, taking inspiration from local and foreign projects recognized as the new monuments of culture.

The new Fábrica Andina cultural complex is an urban node that opens up to the city, an architectural-urban insertion that receives contemporary projects at the service of the city, recognizing the architectural jewels that tell the story of who we are and how we re-inhabit, and redesign our spaces in a city that changes with the generations and that asks the recovery of the public space and the recognition of his memory.

Luis Alejandro Gomez Bonilla


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