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The Road Not Taken

Part 2 Project 2022
Robert Keen
University of Kent | UK
The Thesis proposes a return for digital impressions to be made upon the landscape as places to reinvigorate oneself. They shall be made through a digital algorithm process, where their final form shall be accidentally arrived. The resulting aggregations create undiscovered digital manipulations within the landscape they occupy.

Combining these, they form an interconnected series of sites that collectively seek to heal both the community and the land, by taking the road not taken along the forgotten pilgrimage route. The reflective nature of this walk includes 4 proposals, each seeking to reinvigorate its occupants at different times of day along a connected route. The moment of discovery each aggregation provides is a source of curiosity and reflection.

The final thesis provides strong justification for the conclusion of the route within the wider social context, examining special needs education and an existing University course. It simultaneously proposes a masterplan that seeks to harmonise the occupation of both humans and nature on an existing site suffering from chemical damages and the scars of industrial production, focusing on a net-zero outcome for the future.

Robert Keen


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