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Behind the Scenes of Industrial Heritage - Redefinition of Post-Industrial Urban Tissue on the Example of an Abandoned Distillery in Ferrara

Part 2 Project 2022
Julia Katarzyna Sierpien
Cracow University of Technology | Poland
The research work addresses the problem faced by cities that have post-industrial urban tissue within their borders, which often constitutes an impressive cultural heritage, but sometimes it is a generator of social conflicts and the cause of investment problems in degraded areas.

The design task is to revitalize the area of the abandoned Alc.Este Distillery Complex in Ferrara (Italy). The development of the area is closely related to crime and violence. The district evokes negative associations among the inhabitants and inhibits the investment process in the area. The project goal is to activate the area through functional change, which may consequently accelerate the transformation process of the western part of Ferrara. The development impulse would be to create a new identity of the city, the place would drive economic and tourist development, thanks to ensuring an appropriate connection of the most important zones in the city, and also constitute a recreation zone for residents living in the areas around the complex under development. The key issues for the project were accessibility, multi-functionality and maintaining the industrial character of the

Julia Katarzyna Sierpien

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