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A Response to State Led Gentrification in Rotterdam

Part 2 Project 2022
John Maerk McIlroy
University of Central Lancashire | UK
This proposal acts as a critique of, and propositional response to, existing social and legislative practices in Rotterdam, which together see the displacement of the city’s existing communities in the interests of private interests.

Afrikaanderwijk, a neighborhood in Rotterdam, is currently experiencing state-led gentrification, displacing and alienating an existing and vibrant community. This project takes a critical stance against such gentrification, offering instead a counter proposal to an existing residential development, currently being proposed on the ruins of a recently demolished social housing block. From design decisions to structural and material considerations, this proposal makes a case for alternative modes of development and design, that can support and foster rather than displace the community in Afrikaanderwijk.

John Maerk McIlroy


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