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Life Between Man-made Nature - The Mong Kok Entertainment

Part 1 Project 2022
Wai Kit Andy Chong
University of Lincoln Lincoln | UK
Public space is gradually privatised inside these dense buildings in today's urban environment. This has gradually become a trend for all high-density cities. Life has moved indoors, and the space of the city is gradually separated from the people. The answer is that we need a street for the citizens, away from the street pattern filled with high-end shops and shopping crowds. This project uses urban gaps to create flexible activity spaces between buildings. The design encourages users to travel through and out of buildings, as well as rest, play or socialise in suspended urban spaces.

The entertainment complex utilises the street system as a form of public space to meet the open space needs of a dispersed community. The entertainment complex has different levels of leisure, shopping, entertainment, and other functions. Combined with the existing renovated buildings, it becomes a network that encourages users to travel between the building and the city. To be fluid and resilient building with a bottom-up approach.

The design enables communities to connect with each other, and re-establishes horizontal exploration, enhancing citizens' desire to experience the city and deepening the relationship between their lives and the city.

Wai Kit Andy Chong


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