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Our Cooperative Freedom: Self-built Community Expansion in Kowloon City

Part 2 Project 2022
Hoi Ching Cheung
Chinese University of Hong Kong | China
Commenced with ethnographic research related to the behavior of human’s daily making, the thesis is interested in dissecting the nature and the form of the small, neglected alterations on the street, and their improvised process of making.

The research findings are inducted to a list of categories afterwards, as an attempt to extract the unconsciously shared logics of the people through the actual settings of public streets. The thesis believes that the instinctive self-built ability of the people is far underestimated.

Therefore, a collaborative design framework is proposed in-between the street of the post- war tenement building clusters in Kowloon City, intentionally providing spaces as construction workshops for the residents to make their own living devices. The project also reorients the role of architects, not only as a designer providing an eligible structural system but also as a monitor to control and improve the outcome continuously according to the context.

The report is expected to evaluate the design decisions made as a participant in the renewal process, and a set of rules will be presented through an illustrative boardgame as a visual realization of how the community could construct a neighborhood with small self-made
devices under the guidance of architects.

Hoi Ching Cheung


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