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Newcastle-under-Lyme’s Phantom Theatre

Part 1 Project 2022
Lewis James Foster-Jeapes
Loughborough University | UK
The socio-political landscape governing the stewardship of Newcastle-under-Lyme’s cityscape is addicted to default procedures of demolishing the failures of its architectural fabric. From dismantling swathes of culturally significant figures in the town scape to installing sterilising forms of infrastructure, the removal of whatever lies in its path seems to be a source of civic discombobulation.

This is slowly de-stitching the catalogue of architecture Stoke once possessed, consuming material and space at this scale is accelerating the periods of naturally occurring disintegration, further dividing the 6 Towns of Stoke on Trent. As a means of intervention, spatially the archi-type of ‘fast enclosure’ defined structural language that is combined with the ‘extroverted’ personality of the theatre typology.

Key components of the theatre for performance considers the rake of a viewing platform as well as the distance from the stage in which the audience are immersed within the event. The scale of the event is used to accentuate the tension of materials being pushed to point of breaking in exhibits of Auto-destructive artworks. The ephemeral qualities of the event constitute a realm of experience denoted from the act of un-making: Movement, Duration, Sound, Taste and Emotive reactions fuel the atmosphere of the event.

Lewis James Foster-Jeapes


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