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“Semicolon” – Public Entertainment Plaza

Part 1 Project 2022
Deneth Kulasinghe
Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology (SLIIT) | Sri Lanka
Establishing ‘entertainment as a tool’ project develops an urban plaza “Semicolon” [ ; ] to cater socio-cultural aspects of the community in the Meegoda Area in Sri Lanka, a suburban context showing the potentials of a future urban hub. Monotonous and demanding lifestyle of the community consists with commuters, low-income workers, high income professionals and residents were given a public plaza with diverse activities in the ground level and floors beneath to entertain in various capacities.

The project portraits entertainment as a core value to enhance the quality of life by breaking monotonous routine of the community. Uniqueness of the experience inculcated through multi-level spatial progressions and articulations. Ensuring personal enrichment spaces will entertain and encourage life out of ‘personal bubbles’. Concentrating on developing an inclusive society, everyone is invited through, diversity shaped by the brief formulation. Significant characters such as twenty-four hours functional open space, underground entertainment venues, wide range of accessible options and tropical blend makes “Semicolon” highly functional urban utopia in a midst of future development.

Standing in a tropical context project incorporate passive energy to its maximum capacity. Moreover “Semicolon” uses Geothermal energy being the first ever public plaza building encourages alternative energy solutions to cater energy crisis in Sri Lanka.

Deneth Kulasinghe


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