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The City of Sanctuary: A Community Led Neighbourhood

Part 2 Project 2023
Anna Dawson
Sheffield Hallam University | UK
A Community Led Neighbourhood aims to reassess the way in which we currently design new build neighbourhood and how through alternative governance we can seek to create additional housing that connects with the local people and context by designing to catalyze self sufficient local socioeconomies. The goal being to make cities inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable.

We can evaluate a new alternative housing model infrastructure through Community Land Trust and as Architects push for a new agenda of accessible, affordable housing with the focus of community involvement and participation.

The housing will be designed in ways to test new ownership models in both methods and modes of construction for an integrated social housing framework in the City Road neighbourhood that allows for a transcalar and distributed network of accessible, inclusive homes.

A Community Embedded Housing Workshop will encourage alternative construction and procurement methods the existing and new communities. Residents will engage with these technologies for collective ownership of their neighbourhood and designing of homes. The Workshop will act as a catalyst for the CLT to adopt sites in the future; its local site will be the first test for a new ownership model in the City.

Anna Dawson


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