School Project Entries 2018

University of Bath,

Mothers’ Sanctum
The Mothers’ Sanctum is an interrogation of contemporary birthing culture, and particularly its stubborn rejection of the bodily experience. This proj... read on
Sasha Mckinlay
Dreaming of Electric Sheep
In our modern lives we are surrounded by technology continuously. We are empowered, our mind and body extended. Technology has always been tied to hum... read on
Justin Bean
Tromsø: A Framework for Urban Inhabitation in the High North
A growing research hub 200 miles into the Arctic Circle, Tromsø has positioned itself as a leading contender for the title of Arctic Capital. In recen... read on
Daniel Copitch Conor Blakeman Barney Curtis Adam Sparrow Adam Lewis
Resolver La Habana
The Resolver La Habana Masterplan proposes to re-establish Havana Bay as the centre of cultural activity in the city. Responding to research that eval... read on
Kristen Tan Chen-Yong Tan Harjeet Matharu Cyrus Lee Lang Jin Luke Gordon Hon Yen Chong