School Project Entries 2023

University of Portsmouth

A Central Gathering Space: the Village Square
A community centre designed to bring people of all ages and backgrounds together. Inspired by the concept of a small village in order to create a warm... read on
Majed Mohsen Jahzer
Journey of Hope
The subject of regeneration of most deprived urban areas, in general, is a very complex and controversial subject. If to broadly summarise the proposa... read on
Karolina Stephenson
Surviving Dystopia
Project: In the dystopian year of 2300, consequences of ignoring global warming have left the world in despair. The Hilsea lines stand as a beacon of ... read on
Kai Alexander
Row Rejuvenation: Brewhaus and Caretivityhaus
Focuses on the understanding of row housings Longevity and the importance of which it has served in the past and can serve in the future. The scheme a... read on
Andrew Hunter Pizzey