School Project Entries 2020

Cardiff University

Fresh Air Market
The Fresh Air and Food Market proposes immersive experiences of connecting with the local community and nature. A visitor is taken from the more activ... read on
Erna Kuginyte
In Alter(n)ation
Setting itself apart as a settlement on a line of territorial division, Clones encounters one as a ghost image of a once prosperous town, now but a me... read on
Oana-Theodora Stefan
Dreamland: Samson
Dreamland’ is a self-sustaining theme park on an isolated atoll on the Isles of Scilly, where the changing climate is already threatening the heart of... read on
Jacques Doody
The Craft of [Mis]Representation
Concerned with developing a reflective and poetic interpretation of craft, ‘the craft of [mis]representation’ redefines the notional act of making as ... read on
Madeleine Wellham