School Project Entries 2017

Bartlett School of Architecture (UCL)

Semblr is a building system to enable fully-automated construction of housing for a post-work society. Identical timber building bricks, integrated wi... read on
Ivo Tedbury
An Architecture of Lumetric Causality
An Architecture of Lumetric Causality investigates the potential of aesthetically generated realities in architecture. Through iterative deployment of... read on
Thomas Parker
Serjeant Award
Ascaya City Hall: Constructing a virtual civic image
The Ascaya City Hall provides a civic centre for a gated community just outside Las Vegas. Responding to the history of exaggerated neoclassical archi... read on
Gabriel Beard
Commendation Serjeant Award
Seasonal Dense(cities) – Living Garden Typologies for Future London
This project re-examines the understanding of densification in the 21st century. The Stepney Green Garden Village is a high density, low-rise mixed de... read on
Shi Yin Ling