School Project Entries 2022

Bartlett School of Architecture (UCL)

Mine Land, My Land
My Land, Mine Land, is an investigation into gold-mining towns in the Western Australian desert. The project creates a conversation between two societ... read on
Paris Fenton Gazzola
Tightening the Green Belt: Oakwood Mews, Enfield
Sited at the very point where cityscape turns to countryside in Enfield, Greater London, this project positions itself within the controversy of Green... read on
Joe Robert Russell
A Journey through Past, Present and Post-Tropicality
The project is an investigation into notions of ‘tropicality’ in the context of Singapore. Historically, concepts of nature, comfort, civil behaviour ... read on
Annabelle Tan
Beauty Will Either Be Edible, or Not at All
'Beauty will either be edible, or not at all' explores the complex topics of globalisation, nationalism, and culture in the context of traditional foo... read on
Panagiota Grivea