School Project Entries 2018

Bartlett School of Architecture (UCL),

Negotiation of States: A Crematorium and Columbarium in Hong Kong
The proposal is a crematorium and columbarium within Hong Kong that is formed from a new funerary system. The system responds to the lack of space to ... read on
Grey Grierson
SOM Winner
London Physic Gardens: A New Necropolis
Inspired by Derek Jarman and Yves Klein’s work the project is a proposal to introduce a resomation necropolis and physic garden; in which our relation... read on
Sam Coulton
How to Carve a Giant
‘How to Carve a Giant’ proposes an architecture capable of keeping safe contemporary forms of knowledge, by carving a folk story into the rock underbe... read on
Sonia Magdziarz
Pipeline Hijacking
‘Pipeline Hijacking’ is a speculative glimpse into alternative means of dwelling and building construction. The project imagines how a community could... read on
Camille Dunlop
Serjeant Award