School Project Entries 2017

National University of Singapore

Rochor, a seemingly sleepy district in central Singapore, is presently home to the Ban San bus terminal—an unassuming cross-border point, and formerly... read on
Sean Shao An Poon
The Projector
The Projector is a building that aims to showcase the true nature of traditional Indian and Malay dance by blurring the boundary between public and pr... read on
Conan Foong Nian Chua
The Poultry Campus
The intention of the poultry campus is to rethink the way poultry and egg production is carried out, in response to the issue of viewing food producti... read on
leroy chan
Dead Heat – Offshore Vertical Funerary Facility
The offshore crematorium addresses extreme future funerary demands. Whilst conventional burial activities are pollutive, the project integrates emissi... read on
Yigeng Wang