School Project Entries 2022

National University of Singapore

Intimate Oddities: Ghosts of our Tropical Landscapes
The definition of “normal” is constantly shifting in today’s modern age, with the digital-focused culture, the prevalence of posthuman spaces emerges ... read on
Darien Wu
The Oma Super Jellyfish Festival
Intense and more frequent jellyfish blooms are progressively becoming a problem for Japanese fishermen, encouraged by unsustainable levels of fishing.... read on
Elisabeth Jia Ying Yaw
Urban Tarzan
The Urban Tarzan responds to the increasingly hostile urban environment of Singapore. It opposes the conventional typology of maximising floorplates f... read on
Ryan Kun Hao Quah
From You A Hundred Years Ago
Nuclear experiments conducted by the U.S. on the Marshall Islands during the Cold War resulted in the displacement of the inhabitants of Runit and Bik... read on
Gabriel Choon Wong Yen