School Project Entries 2017

University of Liverpool

Mobile Shipbreaking Architecture – Improving Conditions for Industrial Workers in the Developing World
The focus of this project is to invent a new prototypical mobile shipbreaking facility, as an instant solution to the environmental and health and saf... read on
Yuwei Zhang
Darwin’s Loop: A Reintegration of Species
This thesis aims to experiment with the opportunities created by radical integration of natural habitats into the existing urban fabric. In both the c... read on
Michael Stinson Jonathan Hasson Jack Bown Thomas Rigby
Void in the City, City in the Void
This is a housing project that analyses architectural precedence, focusing not on absolute principles (such as firmitas, utilitas, vensustas) but on t... read on
Andrew Robertson
The Docker's Repository
Stories and memories are vulnerable to the harsh winds of time, to be lost forever if not preserved. The Docker’s Repository seeks to reify the except... read on
Edmund Hong Xiang Tan