School Project Entries 2023

University of Liverpool

Sound City
The slow decline of the British High Street has been well documented. They once were the center of communal and social life, often featuring a pub, a ... read on
Kong Ling
(UN)Common Ground
The thesis aims to interrogate UNESCO’s criteria and value of cultural heritage within post conflict cities. Using Mostar as a case study, the the... read on
Heather Coleman Julia Barbara Grzesiak Alice Marguerite Lilley Chetan Karadia
Industrial Domesticity: ‘Monotowns’ in the Age of Green Industrial Revival
How does Industry and Living collide today? Since the Industrial Revolution, the relationship between Live and Work has driven great architectural cha... read on
Walid George Al Jaber James Bower Lewis Washington David Grant
The Codex: Volumes I and II
"The Codex" is a two-volume submission that celebrates the significance of hand sketching in the design process and its historical link to innovation ... read on
Callum Alexander Hewitt