School Project Entries 2023

University of Greenwich

A Memory Foretold
The project is a self-exploration of identity. As a British architect with Nigerian parentage, I explore the contradictory symptoms of modern and prec... read on
Luke Temiloluwa Stevens
The corral sits in the center of Hebden Bridge and serves the community as an extension to the town hall. It features a communal kitchen, a dining are... read on
Anastasia Bucur
Cofio Celyn: Remember Celyn
In 1965 the proud Welsh village of Capel Celyn, now ruined and vacated by its community, was veiled in water to build a reservoir for Liverpool. The D... read on
Gus Eynon Richards
Lovelock 2100: The Novacene Assemblage
"We are at a defining moment in human history as climate change presents an urgent challenge. With each day pushing us closer to the Climate Tipping P... read on
Mark Chin Jian Onn