School Project Entries 2018

University of Greenwich,

The Lithium Empire
The Lithium Empire, The project speculates on a rapidly developing lithium industry and the subsequent birth of a new architectural environment. Th... read on
Liam Bedwell
Hotel Mollino: Staging Spaces of the Everyday as Heterotopias of Performance in Scenography and Architecture
The project is inserted into the Mollino House as a series of scaled models and is depicted through a set of film stills that navigate the viewer thro... read on
Maria Marilia Lezou
Serjeant Award
Remnants of War: UXO Risk Assessment Headquarters
After WWII, London’s rapid rebuilding resulted in thousands of unexploded bombs to be buried beneath the city. With the lifespan of the post-war build... read on
Simona Moneva
Smithfield Lorry Depot
The Smithfield Lorry Depot is a 24-hour facility which improves the buildings current, vacant utility as a night-time lorry depot whilst simultaneousl... read on
Alexander Wilford