School Project Entries 2021

Queen's University Belfast

Spaces of Tranquillity
Our brief is to develop and promote a performing arts school that will be a modern centre for all age and ability groups for performance and education... read on
Arjun Bharj
Growing Together
This project aims to enhance the lives of the community by providing inclusive and accessible opportunities for social interaction. The scheme provide... read on
Kayla Enos
ASET (Artificial Superorganism Eco Town)
Artificial Super-organism Eco-Town (ASET) explores alternative economies based on an analysis of the Dublin housing crisis and the theoretical perspec... read on
Stavroula Perdikaki
Figures of Dissent: The Upper and Lower House
The project is a re-imagining and undoing of Parliament Buildings at Stormont. The found language of the building, and the hegemonic ideals of power a... read on
Anna Crew