School Project Entries 2022

University of Strathclyde

The Textile Pipeline
The Textile Pipeline considers the architectural relationship between Glasgow’s cultural national health and the arts sector. It aims to reconnect the... read on
Eilidh Rae McGuigan
Redivivus – A Way of Overcoming Oblivion
Today’s Venice is a city where changes brought by modernity— fast-paced life, globalisation, consumerism, and climate crisis — are put into sharp reli... read on
Daniel David Timofan
The Nucleus: Anderston’s Innovation Hub
The construction of the M8 motorway was propagated in the sixties as a piece of infrastructure that will better connect two of Scotland’s busiest citi... read on
Victoria Rozewska
Beirut: A Green Archipelago
Post the Beirut warehouse port explosion of August 2020 and months of public protests and riots, an investigation on the port disaster has reignited p... read on
Fatema Hayder Hassan