School Project Entries 2021

University of East London

A Sanctum For Scully
The project creates a typology cultivated from the art and mind of Scully where the “lines in-between animate the spaces”. An encapsulation of the sou... read on
Timothy Eves
Forgotten Things
The Clerkenwell Sculpture academy provides studio and workshop facilities as well as accommodation for eight young artists. Located in Clerkenwell, Lo... read on
Thomas Joy
Santo Pietro’s Winery
The project is located in the small village of Santo Pietro, in an extensive rural area in the Comune of Caltagirone in Sicily. Benefited from the wea... read on
Raul Mormeneo Colomer
‘What a Water-ful World’
In light of these hard times, vulnerable communities are struggling harder as they wait in transit to start the next big chapter in their lives, be it... read on
Nur Azzahra Mohamad Adzlee