School Project Entries 2021

Chinese University of Hong Kong

Up-Cycling the Vernacular: Reinterpreting the Self-Build Constructions in New Territory, Hong Kong
“Vernacular” is often associated with the traditional. However, in nowadays Hong Kong villages, many of the traditional buildings are replaced by self... read on
Heng Jiang
Cross of Destinations
Bridges are often built to connect and act as a pathway between two ends or destinations. Yet, a bridge could be more than a connector, it could also ... read on
Pan Nga Chan
Soaring Courtyards
Sandwiched between old industrial fabric of Ma Tau Chung and a Kai Tak New Town, The proposed office tower is situated at a context of rapid evolving.... read on
Ho Yuen Brian Wong
The Colours of Hong Kong
"What is the definition of “colours”? “The mixing of various proportions of black and white.” – Aristotle proposed. “Black and white are only consid... read on
Ki Sha Sally Chow