School Project Entries 2021

Leeds Beckett University

Save Our Souls Sanctuary
In what can only be described as a world of The Walking Dead. the seaside town of Blackpool is hit with a deadly virus spread through seagulls, causin... read on
Dominic Stewart
Reclaiming Argentina's Landscape
Matanza river in Argentina, Buenos Aires, is one of the most polluted rivers in the world, over 6,000 factories dump waste into the river, along with ... read on
Kate Hopkins
The Recycled Fun Palace: Repurposing Philadelphia’s Refinery Infrastructure through Community Institutes
Following a student competition to regenerate a refinery in South Philadelphia, our studio entry proposed ‘Community Institutes’. Community led Instit... read on
Luke Singleton
A Post Pandemic Pocket Book to Re-connect a Faceless Society
A research proposition conducted through the COVID19 pandemic and articulated into a story book of current conditions, as a proposition to challenge C... read on
Eleanor Butcher