School Project Entries 2017

Kingston University

A Settlement in Dartington
A proposed settlement, told through a children’s book, is set in a disused limestone quarry in Dartington. The scheme responds to the proposition o... read on
Lea Daniel
Enabling Emancipation
Ahmedabad is home of architecture masterpieces. Prominent architects such as Doshi, Khan, Le Corbusier, Correa have left their mark. The scheme stud... read on
Luca Fauciglietti
Seawall Factory
Vietri sul Mare in Southern Italy is dwarfed when compared to London’s metropolis. Although their cultural and economic environments are very differen... read on
Christopher Raven
Big Buildings in the City
“Any big building both makes and destroys the city. Its gigantic size allows it to operate at a territorial scale, defining neighbourhood but at the ... read on
Arbana Berdynaj