School Project Entries 2020

Kingston University

Theatre in the City
Theatre and a Drama school. We were assigned a purpose built hotel in East Hackney to be re-built by applying ‘rules-of-thumb' for sustainable archit... read on
Estere Savicka
Holywell Yard
Holywell Yard establishes a new creative centre in the heart of Shoreditch. A scaled down block of city, the building accommodates 3 symbiotic program... read on
Felix Everard
Chambers of Commerce - A New Modern Classical Building for the City of Glasgow
The scheme seeks to respond to the Blythswood regeneration framework of Glasgow for higher- density by creating a 'New Modern Classical Building' thro... read on
Anthony Fitheoglou
Lunga Castle Housing: An Examination of a New Settlement Within a Rural Landscape
Craignish Peninsula is a remote territory on the west coast of Scotland — a small spur of mainland before the islands of the Inner Hebrides. The th... read on
Reuben Roberts