School Project Entries 2022

University of Westminster

The World’s Largest Ship Graveyard
Alang in India was once known as the Land of Lakes, Sea and Temples. Now it’s known as the world’s ‘Ship Graveyard.’ Every year hundreds of ships and ... read on
Moin Mahomad Rafik
The Re-enabling Water Mosque of the Royal Docks
The Re-enabling Water Mosque of the Royal Docks aims to use water as a symbolic, social and environmental factor to break down social barriers and pro... read on
Suha Faisal Valiyaveettil
A New Decentraland
There is a growing divide between the affluence of virtual worlds and the decline of the places on the periphery of our urban centres. Due to status q... read on
Bodhi Horton
This project proposes the development of the Interdisciplinary Dales Institute, providing a centre for learning and research in a collaborative enviro... read on
Philippa Jane Oakes