School Project Entries 2017

University of Architecture,Civil Engineering and Geodesy

Aquatic Hall of Sofia
Aquatic Hall of Sofia is a new, leisure and wellness swimming center in Sofia, Bulgaria. The site is empty and abandoned. Former used by the Bulgari... read on
Aleksander Chokoyski
A Proposal for the Rejuvenation and Socialization of Serdika’s Western Gate Complex and its Adjacent Residential Area
The place that we look at and develop is located in the central part of the capital of Bulgaria-Sofia. The center consists of historical, cultural and... read on
Desislava Angelova Aleksandra Zaarura
The Aston Martin Showroom
The project introduces the luxury manufacturer “Aston Martin” to the Bulgarian market. The design represents the brand and its qualities. It has to be... read on
Aia Todorova
City Of Rijeka, Diversity and Culture
“City of Rijeka, Diversity and Culture” is an urban project concern with the problems of the Croatian costal city Rijeka. ?he main problems it seeks t... read on
Hristina Chobanova