School Project Entries 2017

Korea National University of Arts

Towards Adaptable City
In the studio, dynamism of the city was seen as the driving force of the adaptive architecture, suggesting the process of discovery, disassembly, and ... read on
Soo Hye Hyun
City Without Farewell: To Live in Non-Place
We have ‘arrived’ yet we did not – We haven’t even ‘departed’ yet we have ‘arrived’ – We are set ‘here’ yet we wander around ‘there’. The Generatio... read on
So Young Lee
Sense Of Living Emphasizing The Character Of The Exterior Space Of Old Apartments
I wanted to highlight the characteristic of each type of exterior space in the apartment complex. My proposal is to maximize the characteristics of th... read on
Jeeyong Park
The Time Phase
Hongeun-dong has been changed by time. People left Hongeundong as the redevelopment policy, but it's finally cancelled and rather many empty houses ha... read on
Hanbyeol Jo