School Project Entries 2021

Korea National University of Arts

Authentic Scene of Labor
Choosing Jung-gu as the place for the project, began with personal interest. The industrial area, which covers parts of Jung-gu and Jongno-gu, has ser... read on
Haein Heo
Block Cohesion
There are serene spaces on the rear side of Mokpo’s old commercial street. Giving relations to these, which we call courtyard, stimulates the innermos... read on
Eunhoo Lee
Urban Bigbang and Heterotopia : Collective Housing, Space to Place
We began to live in cities that was built for infrastructure, and now we are living like fishes in a small aquarium due to overcrowding. The cities co... read on
Hye Joo Chang
Link The Blind Area
Phase 01. Identity of Seun Industrial District In the dense and small industrial district around Seun Shopping Mall, a mega commercial building, ther... read on
Nayoung Kim