School Project Entries 2017

Edinburgh School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture

Syrian Parliament in Exile
Hellinikon, Athens exists as a laminate of three historic layers: a former airport, a redundant Olympic complex, and a contemporary refugee camp. Cons... read on
On the Anthropological Co-Habitation of a Data Centre
The physical manifestation of our ever-growing hunger for digital information is the data centre - a rapidly emerging form of autonomous, insular arch... read on
Beth Dutson
Four Characters for Newtongrange
The project deals with the Scottish town of Newtongrange, an ex-mining village. By investigating the totemic potential of previous architectures in th... read on
Frixos Petrou
Archaeological Mechanisms
The ancient remains on the Athenic acropolis are usually imagined in pristine isolation, yet they coexist with an array of quasi-permanent mechanical ... read on
Claire Longridge