School Project Entries 2023

Mackintosh School of Architecture

Shaping Simply: The Canal Food Dock
The Canal Food Dock is a proposal for an alternative City-Food relationship that seeks to move away from the current community stifling and profit dri... read on
Jack Kerr
Urban Palimpsest
This thesis analyses the unsustainable legacy of modernist planning principles in Brussel’s Northern Quarter and re-interprets the district as a palim... read on
John Pottage
Quarrying the Ruinscape
In 2022 humanity consumed a year’s supply of the earth’s natural resources by the 28th of July. This unsustainable rate of consumption combined with t... read on
Rachel Crooks
The Sanctuary of Conviviality
The Sanctuary of Conviviality (SOC) is a cultural building designed with the intent to connect the public to food, the arts, and horticultural educati... read on
Anthony Di Gaetano