School Project Entries 2017

Mackintosh School of Architecture

Specific Uncertainty – Education + Architecture
The Bauhaus University campus has constantly developed from the founding of the school in 1860 to the present day, resulting in its campus being physi... read on
Yongwoo Lee
The Inverted Street: A City Museum and Archive of Casting Memories
This thesis aims to investigate streets as a physical record of city memories. The proposal used inverted street pattern as a representation of castin... read on
Ren Yu P'ng
Educational Architecture: A Framework for Learning
This proposal for an architecture department building on the Bauhaus Weimar campus aims to explore the idea of providing a framework that can accommod... read on
Grace Schofield
Islands of Memory
The project is a vehicle to uncover the lost islands of Paris, both cultural and geographical, through the enclosure of land and definition of lost sp... read on
Jerome Wren