School Project Entries 2017

Yale University

Ecognosis: The Na Pali Coast Research Center
Nestled into the cliffs of Hawaii’s Na Pali coast, this research institute provides an environment to study Papahanaumokuakea, the largest marine cons... read on
Daniel Marty
In Plain Sight
The vernacular is strangely timeless. Commonplace to the place it exists in and foreign outside its context. What happens behind closed doors in the h... read on
Heather Bizon
Migration Insurance
Rather than look at global population movement as a crisis, this proposal normalizes migration by understanding migrants as a diverse group of talente... read on
Madison Sembler Paul Lorenz Maggie Tsang
Wudaokou Dialectic
In the Wudaokou District of Beijing, two forces cycle and coexist: 1) top-down policies shaping urban development and 2) citizen resilience staking cl... read on
Gordon Schissler Jeremy Leonard