School Project Entries 2022

London Metropolitan University

Slow Structures
Slow food is a way of living and eating, a movement that began in the 80’s as a response to the consequences of commercial food systems. Over 70% of l... read on
Katrina Van Hasselt
A Civic Gesture for Lewes
Along the River Ouse in Lewes, are a series of abandoned timber frame buildings, a potential opportunity celebrate a relationship between people and t... read on
Aryeh Zev Klien
A Campus for Flour: Between Horizontal and Vertical
The proposed study mediates between the vertical city and horizontal landscape through a campus for flour in Bromley-by-Bow. Made from different ar... read on
Oliver Philip Reynolds
The Passage Cultural Centre
This year I had the opportunity to design two projects. The first is a small library located in Hackney Central and the second is an extension of it u... read on
Jose Luis Rubio Bosch