School Project Entries 2017

Oxford Brookes University

Climatised Architecture: Defining Thermal Comfort through Alpine Flora Zones
Global warming is driving Alpine flora into extinction. In order to preserve the unique species from eradication, this project proposes a hosting plat... read on
Harry Hinton-Hard
Chapel Market
This proposal suggests a new type of development for disused urban sites, encouraging small scale characterful development over time for the benefit o... read on
Anna Howell
Marseille Sailing Community
The Marseille Sailing Community challenges the new architecture of Marseille and suggests an architecture that reflects and develops the existing. Thr... read on
Thomas Linzey William Flindall James Barrell
Continual Lifecycles of Architecture: Shifting Perceptions, Opportunities and Ownership
The proposal takes place over 100 successive years, focusing on the decay, deterioration, growth and renewal of Dungeness, a unique, coastal site in K... read on
Helen Allsopp
Welcome to the Idea of Project (:) – Pixelscapes + Replicators = Virtual State
The project explores simulated reality and temporary event spaces that might exist within a VR headset as a transient dataspace and reimagining it as ... read on
Engeland Apostol